GWW CMS HTML-Output Analysis Results was tested for spelling mistakes, broken links, and SEO problems. It passed with a 100%. This is important for the best on-site SEO via clean markup and html semantics.

  • Spelling Errors: 0 from 10 Pages
  • Link Errors: 0 from 13 URLs
  • SEO Problems: 0 from 10 Pages

Spell Checking

All pages of this site were spell checked and passed 100% - page titles, meta tags and other content that might not be visible in the browser window, including but not limited to duplicate words, mismatched case and more:

  • Words with Numbers
  • Duplicate Words
  • Mixed Case
  • Files and Domain Names
  • Email addresses
  • Words beginning or ending with '...'
  • Double Punctuation
  • Acronyms
  • Proper Names
  • #hashtags and @mentions

PDF Spell Checking Included

In addition to spell checking web pages, PDF and RTF files were checked for spelling and link errors.

Find Broken Links

No broken links were found. This includes broken links in all of this website’s content, including HTML, CSS and even PDF. No HTTP server errors, URL redirections, invalid relative paths, or pages that timeout were found.

Embedded Video Checking

Embedded YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion videos were also tested for.

Detected SEO Problems

Every single page on this website was checked for over 25 SEO related problems. None were found. See the full list of tests.